Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 3

Life is too short not to know your neighbors. Especially when you are military and you never know when you or them may be moving. It happens quickly so over the years we have developed a jump in attitude cause you just can't take that wait and see route in this business. So we are the newest kids on the block and have not really had the opportunity to meet the rest of those on our street. We were planning a "New Kids on the Block Party" to remedy that and I happen to mention this to another relatively newbie in the neighborhood and she said they would like to join in with us...then we thought we would ask the other semi newbie down the street to join in as well. Thus the planning coffee was scheduled! This morning we met for coffee/tea and formulated our gathering plans.

It's all set for next Monday, that's a holiday for us so we thought what a perfect way to end a long weekend! There will be food and goodies and I know a good time will be had by all who attend. Invitations are printed and ready to be delivered, we divided and will conquer the semi circle this evening. I can't wait, we will finally meet the neighbors :)

Part of the reason for the gathering stems from the fact that no one came to welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved in. To us that was odd, I mean we are all in the same boat, military families, H E L L O, we should know each other, really! And do life together, after all, this isn't just a J O B, it's a lifestyle and a pretty unique one at that. So having great friends as neighbors makes it so much more fun! I could be all up in arms about the nonwelcome we got but I'm not. I'm just not going to let that happen to anyone who moves in on my watch! (Which they have and we've already been over and took goodies). I mean I know it's been super hot here and people have not been out and about but I still want to get to know you! I also notice that people are pretty busy around here, but so am I, I still want to get to know you!

Since the par-tay is during this 31 daysathon, it WILL be a blog post! So if you want to know how it goes come back to visit and read all about it!

Until Day 4, enjoy your world!

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Frizzy said...

So much fun and I can't recall the last time we were welcomed to the neighborhood if any in the years we've been married. We usually meet our neighbors while playing outside with Yaya or walking our dogs.