Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 21

MiB is back and you will not even believe what he brought with him...


Okay, so this is sooooo gonna be bad for my waistline...and he brought a WHOLE DOZEN, it's bad! I won't even tell ya that I already ate the pumpkin one! Oh yes I did! And I might of had a red velvet one too, but it wasn't that great (only because I don't really like red velvet, but he brought an assortment). Really funny thing is that I was telling future DOC P about Sprinkles over lunch! Ha little did I know MiB was bringing some home with him!

My busy day included lunch with a friend from Italy days! It was so fun to be able to see her again and her baby. Said baby was only 7 mos old when they left, she is in 2nd grade now. Gosh, I'm aging :/

P & ME
Lunch was really good, I mean honestly, really good; MiB and I will be going back together for sure! It's got ambiance and the food was t a s t y, I want to go back so I can try some of the other things on the menu, especially spanakopita! There were so many choices I can see several future trips! I thoroughly enjoyed Yeero Yeero for sure :o)

It's late I know! And it's been a full day after a short night and tomorrow is another full day so I am off to bed with a two cupcake full tummy, ugh, I'm gonna be unhappy when I step on those scales in the morning...oh well, there is always the two walks a day options I suppose or I could run more. Geez, life is so difficult sometimes!

Night anyway, I will probably dream about the lemon coconut cupcake, dark chocolate and milk chocolate cupcakes still of them will taste might fine with my salted caramel cappuccino in the a.m. for sure!!!!

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