Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 17

Monday, Monday...that's all I know, well, I mean I think it's a song but I don't know any more of the words. I know I could google it, you can google anything nowadays and sometimes you really shouldn't but we do... LOL!

Not a lot to report today except that I was up at O dark thirty, okay really it was 4:56 but I like the sound of O dark thirty, hahhaha and on my way with MiB to the office and then to the airport. It is bosses day today and we needed to drop off the acknowledgements before he left town. Honestly, we have had some AWESOME bosses, some really great leaders and I have mostly fond memories of each one, well, there was that one in, oh wait, I will just leave that detail off. So anyway here in LA we have another one of those good guys, who really "get it", who is doing what he can at his level to take care of our Airman, he values the enlisted perspective and is taking some steps to take even better care of our Airman. It's just great to work with good people, so Happy Bosses Day to those who are in that position. And hey, remember you were probably a little guy at one time too so don't forget where or how you got to where you are... and while I don't mind these "days" I just think it's a Hallmark ploy to sell more greeting cards. I mean we have a a"DAY" for everything, secretaries day, bosses day, friendship day, sweetest day, earth day, the old standbys of mothers/fathers and valentines day of course. However, it's those other ones that get me...I mean really?

So MiB is on the East coast at a leadership conference this week, which leaves me to hold down the fort on my own. I am good with that and hope it is uneventful. So far, so good and we are not even 24 hours in. Even though I did get a surprise phone call from my cousin and it was neat to chat, it's been a while. She shared some crummy news though...praying for another cousin who is going through a rough patch and hope it all works out. I have a pretty light week if you compare it to the last two, which is kind of nice, then it gets going again, but I am not going to think about that right now!

Hope you have a great Monday, Monday...I am! And if you are looking for blogs with a lot better reading then mine check out all the other 31 day-ers here! There are some really good reads and ideas out there! Here are a couple I am enjoying...ONE and TWO and really two is one I have on the side of my page that I read all the time anyway, so I guess that's kind of cheating, but whatever, THREE, FOUR and that's enough from me, click around and find some that you like too!

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Man in Blue (MiB) said...

Love traveling, but wish it was WITH U! Can't wait until we travel together ALL the time!