Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 26

Oh my, I'm all over the place today! Been out and did errands and a commissary stop, now I am tidying up the house since I have ladies coming over this evening. I would love to get in gear and get a run/walk in. I'm wearing those Sprinkles Cupcakes, literally, I can tell big time! That's what happens when you are barely over 5 foot tall. I would love to have a few inches it would help my poundage for sure, but since I don't I have to take on other means to try and keep balance.

Still working on the auction basket for the Hap House. This has to be done and delivered next week before we leave to go out of town, I'm waiting still on some contributions from the others. I have it put together and itemized but still need a few goodies to add in.

I am ready to relax this evening, it is a neighborhood lady gathering, not sure how many will show, but I know two are, we'll see and we will have a good time no matter. It's good to get to see and chat with them other then at official functions. I am liking the whole getting together around the block thing. I know it can be a lot of work but I don't mind and since we are the childless ones we have been opening up our home more and more, it is not so tough to keep things ready to go. I also remember the days of feeling like our home was too small to have anything but I know that was just my thinking, no one else thought so. Anyway, it is good to have people in no matter the size of your place, the shape of your things or what's on your menu. The point is to build community and get to know one another and no one else really cares about the other stuff!

We are supposed to be getting a cold front in and the weather will cool off, today is gorgeous and while warm it is pleasant I hope we don't cool off too much, I am liking the mildness of the temps lately. Looking forward to Friday as it looks like we are getting a "goal day" which really just means a day off! WooHoo!!! We had thought about going to Dallas for the weekend, however, we have an event Saturday night so now we are not sure. We may just stay local and go exploring. I have several things on my to do list before we head to MO and this will be the last chance to do that so not sure. Whatever it ends up being, it will be a day with MiB which I will gladly take any day of the week!

Enjoy the rest of your day, I know I am :)

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Susie said...

We got a cold front today:-) Brrrrr...