Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 4

Calendar Meetings...these are typical and help get information out. The ones here are awesome. Other places awesome as well and then not so much. Really, as with many things military or not, it all depends on your leadership. You have all sorts of different leaders and leadership styles; everyone is different so you just learn to roll with it and realize not everyone is like you or thinks like you but as long as the we all keep the big picture in mind it will be fine. Sometimes, TRUST ME, that is easier to type then to walk...we'll leave it at that :)

These meetings also provide an informal gathering time to get to know the other spouses on the leadership team. It's really nice to be able to get to know the others and be able to enjoy each other at the various functions you attend together. I prefer not to have to make mindless small talk every time I see someone because we never see each other anywhere else. It is very nice to know that so and so just returned from seeing a new grand baby or that unfortunately someone just had a death in the family or that their child is on the football team, in the band, running track or whatever. It's neat to actually learn about the others and then be able to really talk and enjoy each other and you cannot do that if you never get to know them. So it's my experience that these gatherings are good!

However, I will say some do this better then others and I have been at things with people and we have sat next to each other and chatted and I learned about them and then see them again and we "re-meet". Yes, it's true and it's awkward, I hope I don't become like that. However, in defense, you do meet many, many people and keeping it all straight is a chore, but the ones you seem to see over and over again, I do remember them and I find in wonderful when they remember me but when they don't I feel odd. But our motto is adapt and overcome, so we do.

We meet monthly for our calendar meetings, during the busy season it might be more, during other times we may go 6 weeks, it just depends on the business going on around us that we support and attend to! Again, it's a necessary thing and depending it can be fun and educational!

Until tomorrow, salute smartly and press!

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