Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 30

It's the day before the LAST day of the challenge, I have almost done it...WOOHOO! I have learned a lot! I have much more admiration and respect for those "real" bloggers who do write daily - they make it look EASY, it's not, some days I thought I was going to be in a pickle. Thank goodness for my phone. I also jumped on so quickly that I had no real plan for the 31 days of writing. I should have had a better plan, but in the end I stuck with it and I have a record of lots of things that happened this month.

So on to today the almost last day! It's an ordinary day in our world, we just had a pancake and sausage lunch, we tried the Morningstar sausage, not bad stuff. We had the links but I also got some patties so we shall see on those another day! The pancakes were awesome, since there were no fresh blueberries in the produce section we had frozen but they were still nice according to MiB. He requested the pancake meal. They were yummy, I ate two, I could have eaten a lot more, but seeing as how I am trying to take off pounds not put them on I used restraint.

The day is gorgeous so MiB went for a run, I hope to get a walk in before the day is done. It's too nice to really be inside but we are catching up on some house things. It's all good. Happy Sunday to you and hope you enjoy the day whatever you find to do!

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