Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 24

Happy Birthday Little #1

In just a few short days I will get to see this little guy again and I am so excited! I love him, he's my "buddy"! While MiB was deployed this past year I tried to spend lots of time with him and his little sister or "my little echo" as I liked to call her and I soooo enjoyed every minute with them. The two of them make up "the Littles" I have blogged about them several times! They crack me up every time I see them, they come up with the funniest things and they are a hoot to be around. And they love to dance.

I cannot believe he is 5, oh my, how they grow and the time is passing so quickly! I remember the day he was born I think we all do, bit of a surprise but we were all instantly in love with this little guy with the black hair and eyes. He stole EVERYONE's heart. Gigi and G-Pa especially! He has been the most inquisitive child I have ever been around, asking questions, I mean real questions continuously. He is such a deep thinker, although he has a sort of "worry" factor in his questioning as in, "what happens if" type thing, he also has a great imagination and gets on board quick with playing anything to do with movement, such as planes, trains and automobiles. I cannot tell you how many hours we spent building train tracks, racing cars with the most detailed scenarios I have ever heard. He also loves to play Legos and be read to.

In addition to playtime we spent many a lunch hour together at the counter, where in no short order he usually requested scrambled eggs with salt or noodles and crackers. He also made sure I was aware that I do not have a place at the counter...there is only room for himself, G-Pa and sister.  This boy likes his routine and he did not want me coming in to mess it up :) He would also like some peaches or applesauce with that too thankyouverymuch! And for a prelunch snack I would take two chocolate tookies please :) This might also be a request after lunch as well. This boys knows what he likes and likes what he likes; not an adventurer in the food arena to be sure as I would try to talk him into at least trying what I was eating on a regular basis. My plate usually contained food very different then what he was having :) He would have none of it, oh he might make me think he would try it but then he would tell me why he couldn't! Silly boy!

So Happy Birthday to you little guy who is getting so BIG, I miss you and I will see you soon! We will have fun as we plan for another BIG day, more on that another day!

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