Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 15

Wow, the day got away from me...we got home from church and I made dinner and thought, oh my I still need to get a post done! OOPS

I am going to keep it short and somewhat pictorial.

 From the MAC picnic, yesterday!

Oh, the veggie chili turned out AWESOME, I did make several tweaks to the recipe I posted and it was yummy! The dinner was great, there was lemon cake for dessert and yes, I had two slices! I know, those scales aren't going down if I'm doing that, but I am SUCH a sucker for all things lemon! And hey, I won the "high girl" score for the card game we played, which was a new game for me. You moved tables each "hand" and if you moved that meant you won, if you were 1st you collected two points, 2nd you received 1, so I got the most points and won for the girls! I know right? Starbucks gift card is now mine :)

Today we did get a few things accomplished and we supported the current ALS (Airman Leadership School) class by getting BOTH of our cars washed. They did a good job!

At the "car wash"! Lil Smartie was EASY to wash!

After our car wash we took a drive, it was a nice way to spend the afternoon and explore the area. We found a few back roads and short cuts that could be handy in the future. We really didn't have a plan we just drove and looked and ohh and ahhed in a few neighborhoods, then found our way home before making our way to church.

 Dinner tonight for me...cauliflower crust pizza, really good, honestly, I blogged about this already so if you are intrigued or want to know more see here!

MiB had regular crust cheese and onion pizza, I did have a SMALL SLIVER of his :) 


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Got to love me and Sparky! Good thing he knows how to Shaka