Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of Miltary Life ~ Day 6

Last night we chose to "celebrate" with some new found friends. Actually celebrate is a little off, we went out together before he heads off to the AOR. If you are non military acronym savvy that just means he is going to be now be working in an area that isn't very safe. Deployment is another word for this. It is usually a negative word in our business. However, that is only typical on the spouse end. After all, we are the ones staying behind to be both mom and dad, continue to keep everything running smoothly and maintain a sense of sanity. Not easy! The member that goes isn't on vacation, but they are in the fight so to speak. For the most part they are loving the experience of feeling like they are making a difference, working nonstop and days passing quickly but months drag on. They are on the tip of the spear, gaining knowledge and wisdom that only "boots on the ground" can, they are observing first hand what many never will. It's a proud moment. Being in the AOR is a honor and many while hating the being away from their own families part do and would return again and again. Serving in this environment is unlike serving anywhere else. I cannot fully describe it but I have been around enough to know that these men and women in uniform volunteer to go back again and again because they love what they do. They are America's best and they are proud to serve!

Good luck Chief F! We will help as much as we can on the home front while you are serving on the forefront.

As far as my journey today I attend Suicide Awareness training. While not a real fun brief to go to I did picked up some new insight. Suicide happens, it happens in all walks of life and unfortunately we see if far too often in the military. I'm reminded again to be very sensitive to certain signs and behavior of those around me and not to just let an off day or comment go, dig deeper. It was a good refresher.

Oh and I think even though I am on this 31 day roll I will still do Thursday Thoughts:

So today my thoughts are:
  • Smitty's was darn good!
  • Road trip to MO coming soon...
  • Wedding bells will soon be ringing.
  • B I N G O this Friday night, then tacos.
  • Suicide training, necessary but not at all fun!
Just to clarify, the wedding bells are NOT LilBlue but my niece.

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