Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 19

Happy Birthday Ladies!

Today we gathered to celebrate the October birthdays. What fun we had! We ate at a new Mexican place, ToMolly's. I thought it was tamales when they told me the restaurant, funny! Anyway it was pretty good, I had the enchilada special, which is every Wednesday, three enchilada's (cheese, chicken or beef) with rice and beans for $4.99. My kind of deal, I brought two home for my dinner!

 Our birthday girls!!!

JH made a gluten free cake, my first taste of such a thing, it was tasty, I had a sliver! Chocolate is not my first choice, gasp! I would prefer lemon, carrot or pumpkin, call me crazy but they are way better then chocolate any day in my book!

With the traditional sombrero, I mean we were at a Mexican restaurant. They also brought them a sopapilla topped with strawberries and whipped creme, now that I would go for, but I had already had my sliver of the chocolate cake so I said no!

After our lunch I did a little shopping, well I also did some before our lunch too :) The area were the restaurant is has lots of stores and I don't make it up to that neck of the woods much so took advantage of it while I was there. I scored at Target! They had cute paper goods marked down to 56 cents a package. That's a bargain in my book, 10 count dessert plates, 20 count napkins, oh yeah, next neighborhood gathering is covered for plates and napkins :) Then I headed south to World Market to pick up some new SF syrups. I got a bottle of almond and a salted caramel. Looking forward to trying those! We have tried the brown sugar cinnamon and won't be buying that again, I like the pumpkin pie, MiB not so much, vanilla is a keeper and so is English toffee, there are only about 30 others to try! Some don't ever sound appealing others I hope to get next!

I also sadly report that I am struggling with that horrid 7#s again...I know, it totally bums me out. I have got to make time to get back on the exercise wagon cause for me and my body it make a huge difference. I can watch what I eat, count my calories and all and what my fat and if I don't get my booty moving it just doesn't help me to keep the weight off. So I haven't been getting the walks and occasional runs in and this a.m. the scale (and yesterday and the day before) really told on me. With cooler weather and all the holidays coming up I have to get back on top of this. Right now I sit at needing to get back off about 5#s but I know that could easily be the 7 if I am not careful. And eating at Mexican places doesn't help :(

So right now I gotta run! LITERALLY!!! I just got a text from MiB he is headed to the gym so I am headed out for a walk and depending on how I feel since it's been a while I MIGHT run a little, but irregardless I am going to get this body moving cause that is a start and you gotta start back somewhere, CIAO!


Man in Blue (MiB) said...

No tamales at ToMollys???what's up with that

Mrs. Blue said...

LOL I know right? We should try it, you might like it, the salsa had kick and service was good!

Frizzy said...

Looks like you're settling in fast. You look fab as always my dear!