Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 - Cooking

I enjoy cooking! I used to do it much more frequently. I am not so much of a baker though, I wish sometimes I was especially when I need to take something somewhere. I do have a couple standby recipes and that's normally what I show up with. Seems more often then not when you are asked to bring something it's a dessert!

The schedule we keep doesn't really allow for me to make what I call sit down meals much anymore, which truly is better for our waistlines! Seriously, in our younger days our meals were meat, potatoes w/gravy and a veggie or two along with rolls/bread. If I ate like that now it would be serious trouble. So I only cook that way occasionally! MiB still enjoys meals like that so it's a treat when he gets it!

Most meals as of late with our little bit cooler weather are homemade soups. We love veggie soup and will eat on a big pot of that for a few days, also chili, we enjoy homemade chili, usually vegetarian! I love the roasted veggie version and MiB will take it anyway he can get it, beef or veggie kind! I won the base chili cookoff earlier this year with my roasted veggie version, thankyouverymuch! I made an African Stew recipe earlier this month that was awesome served over a scoop of quinoa! It was a new recipe that may continue to make an appearance on our table.

We aren't vegetarians but I would say it wouldn't be a stretch for us to be. We don't eat much meat. It's just not something we feel we have to have. Not anymore anyway. Now that's not to say that MiB doesn't fire up the grill and make us a great little petite filet to go with a baked sweet or white potato and green salad. And I also love a good hamburger and so does MiB (which IMO is not that easy to get so I usually stick to getting them at only places I know they rock) at White Grill in my hometown.

It's a part of ordinary life to cook, I do enjoy it but I do not find myself in the kitchen preparing meals so much as I once did. It's all good, it's just a season, I'm sure making meals for two will once again be part of my ordinary life again, maybe sooner rather than later~

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