Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12 - Friends

Life is better with friends. It is no ordinary thing that we have friends literally all over the world. It is quite a blessing really. We love our friends as much as our family because in our world friends become family! Life is better with friends for sure

Recently we met up with friends at Oktoberfest. It made the night way more fun! It is always good to connect with our friends and sadly it doesn't happen often enough but we are grateful for the times it does. Then the next day we met up with our AFSA friends. They are so much fun and really know how to make us feel a part of the gang!

 MiB with our friends from AFSA

Me with Miss BC

Let's not forget out community friends. They really have made us feel a part and always greet us warmly with big smiles and hugs. They certainly know how to make us feel loved!

I think friendships are definitely part of ordinary life :) We are so very blessed for the friendships we share with so many!

The explanation of the Day + # posts is here just in case you are wondering what's up!

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