Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22 - Bare Escentuals

I am not what one would call a girly girl. I am one who does like to feel put together and look as well as one can without spending a fortune. I am a low maintenance type girl. I have a fairly simple routine that is pretty basic. I do not begrudge those who do more or less I just do what I do and call it good.

My BEFORE (sorry, it's a bit scary)

I can count on one hand the number of mani and pedi's I have had. I don't like having strangers play with my feet. I don't mind manicures but I usually screw it up and then feel it's a waste of good money. I also think they cost too much and that I would rather spend that money on something I really find more enjoyment in. But I have family members who absolutely love getting pedicures and that's great.

I put on makeup 365 days a year, okay, okay, there may be a day or two I don't but for the most part I "put my face on" everyday, I just feel better, even if I don't put it all on I most always even out my skin tone with my foundation and wee bit of all over face color. I am a Bare Minerals girl, have been since 2003. While I am not so loyal to any moisturizer brand, I am to the Bare Escentuals line. I love the Bare Minerals foundation and True All Over Face Color. I also prefer their brow color, nude beach eye color, bisque concealer and mineral veil finishing powder. It works for me and I have been very happy using it for going on 10 years.

 My little makeup basket along with my brush mug...

So the moisturizer I am currently using, I do like it, is from of all places one of my favorite grocery stores...ALDI. I know right? But it's good stuff and I like it and when it's gone I will switch to something else. I do that, I like to use something different every time I run out. Very rarely do I use the same thing twice in a row. I think I am going to get Aveeno next time but we'll see!

The eyeliner I love best right now is Almay, the mascara I like at present is Maybelline Illegal Length, I bought Almay I-tense Color but it is clumpy so went into the garbage soon after it came home with me. I most always have a coupon for my eyeliner and mascara and try to catch it on sale to maximize the savings. I usually ebay my minerals. I always get it cheaper then going to Ulta or Sephora since their coupons almost always exclude certain brands which Bare Escentuals is one of those brands!


I personally think my make up enhances my look. I don't feel I over do it and I again I feel better about me when I have a bit of color on. I don't think poorly of someone who chooses not to use makeup it is a personal choice. Part of my ordinary life includes my make up.

Before and After sided by side...

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