Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25 - Notso

Things I don't like so much...or notso favorites!

Well, I don't want this to be a negative post so I will be sensitive to what I don't like so much! Really, I will and I will not bore you I hope!

Now this is not an everyday occurrence in my world, THANK GOD, but it certainly was notso much a favorite when I found it...

  DEAD frog!

I have NO IDEA how this frog got where he did, all I know is that when I found him I was notso happy. I was opening the blinds and thought at first he was alive. He was notso much, I don't know which is worse finding him dead or alive, but since he was dead I went ahead and left him there for MiB to see. YUCK : /

Hmmmm, this is harder then I thought...okay, well, I don't like gnats and flies, they are evil so are mosquitoes! Notso much! I also don't like litterbugs and people who toss out chewed gum. That' makes me a little bit angry. I know these are just little things but I don't like them. so yeah, notso much do those thing work for me.

Another thing I don't really like is people touching me as in getting a massage. I know people who love massages, notso for me, it is NOT relaxing, it tenses me up and yes I've had one and doubt it is anything I will repeat again. It's just notso much for me! I do not mind a hug though :)

Lastly, you may or may not recall that I don't like to drive, especially at night! The drive to my own house here in LA I'm notso much a fan. It's really notso much the drive as it is THE drive. I know I've mentioned this but for those who forgot we live on the East side of this base. So when I drive home from Main base which is nearly everyday sometimes three times a day and once in awhile four, it's those days I notso much like it eve less! I don't drive that far but THE drive is a little how shall I put it, hmmmm, well, the drive just stinks.

One of the 45 MPH stretches!

Let me explain, I leave main base heading home. I leave the housing area and it's 15 MPH. Then it's 25 MPH on the rest of the base until I get over by the static displays where it's a 35 MPH zone for just a short 1/4 of a mile or so you can whiz along at 45 MPH. The you drop it back down to 25 MPH for less then an eye blink to pass by the gate, then you are hauling again as it's back up to45 MPH for a little ways; then it's down to 25 MPH to make the ALS turn. Creep on up to 35 MPH while you blink then you get to cruise along at 50 MPH for a nice little ride until you have to drop it back to 35 MPH through the Cullen park area. From there it's 40 MPH for a good bit til you drop it down to 25 MPH to make the Shoppette turn. Once you get just past the fire house then you can sail on in at  40 MPH til the 25 MPH hits near the tennis courts for the duration, well until you drop it down to 15 MPH those last few blocks into the the driveway.

If you didn't count or couldn't keep up that is 14 speed limit changes, yes I did just say fourteen and all in about 15.5 miles or so. It's notso much fun on this drive to my house especially if you get behind someone who is notso familiar with the speed limits or say a GOV truck loaded with weapons, or a forklift or a lawn mower or a heavy equipment operator, yeah, that makes this drive even more loveable! (NOT) Oh, well, I am thankful for cruise control cause I use it on this drive and it could be worse, right or notsomuch? LOL :)

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