Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30 - the BIG R

I have alluded it to it time and time again over the past several months and we knew it was coming but the reality is in front of us. The decision has been made, set into motion and it's all just a dating game at this point. We will be R.E.T.I.R.I.N.G from Life in the Blue in 2013.

I know I knew this time would come however it seems an untruth to me at this point...

When I say it's been shared I don't mean we have broadcast it, and we won't. Some have known for a while this was coming as the signs have been there. Others have asked straight out and since we aren't one to hide things we might have answered vaguely or put it out there, usually it depended on the person, the venue and individual circumstances; many have no idea. So what I really mean by shared is that MiBs boss knows, he had to approve it after all and honestly, I think he was relieved to get that task over, telling the boss...but most are not in the know. However, this type information will start to get around quickly  and many will know in the weeks/months to come. It sounds funny but I have been working on my answer, you know when I get the question "are you really retiring?" or "why are you retiring?"...it's not easy but I hope I get it down pat and soon with that gracious smile. I want it to be positive, I want it to be unemotional, I want it to be easy, in my mind it will be, in my heart I know differently.

There is no better way to do this then on your own terms, That's the way it should be in MiBs opinion and not hanging around for the next better job, paycheck or even a solid civilian job offer (which he doesn't have, but am I worried, no...okay, maybe a little). It's bittersweet. Should we stay or should we go? That's a song and it's been the 64 million dollar question rolling around in my head for several months. GO, MiBs says, it's time to start a new chapter for us outside the Blue. I am not without reservations, this has been our life for over 26 years. I am not without disappointment, I thought this would be our life for a few more years with new opportunities still to come but MiB says no, it's time; it's been time, we need to go. I am not without satisfaction, this has been a great ride, I feel truly blessed by all that has been and those we have met. I'm just not sure what's to be on the outside, it's a little daunting to think of life not in the Blue and as many years as I have had to deal with the great unknown this time it is different. I'm anxious.

Let's be honest our time here in LA has been exhausting and rewarding and extremely challenging. We came in under less then ideal circumstances both at the base and personally. I think, I hope, we are leaving the Deuce better then we found her. My hope is that we have made some sort of difference and helped; that they knew we truly cared, that we were trying, doing what needed to be done and yet keeping balance. It was not and has never been a job for us. And us, well, we are leaving with some battle wounds, but never fear we have made it through much worse. It's honestly, been a real wild ride but I think it was worth it, I hope it was.

Our 2013 is shaping up to be quite a year...retirement, LilBlue's graduation and then her wedding. Course the retirement I'm not concerned with there will be no hoopla, thankyouverymuch. The graduation will be celebratory for sure but extremely low key. Then the wedding that's the biggie! With so many unknowns added into the mix it's going to be, well, I'm not sure what it's going to be but it's gotta be what she wants it to be so we will be concentrating on that.

Retirement it's part of ordinary life...I have been blogging everyday about my ordinary life and you can read about it here!  I am trying to decide IF Adventures in Blue will continue after life in the Blue is over...I'm perplexed and not in true decision mode but I am mulling it over. I may or may not continue with this blog, or blogging at all; I may continue to blog but open a new blog since the name of this blog will no longer seem appropriate, hmmmm much to consider in the coming days, much indeed.

EDITED: I did start a new blog, you can now find us HERE!

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