Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7 - Prayers

No matter my day or night I find solace in prayer, I can do it anytime, anyplace, I know it matters. No matter where you fall on the issue of religion I think prayers matter. I pray often. I should pray more often, sometimes I have prayed more. I don't always use a prayer book, sometimes I pray aloud, sometimes I pray silently, sometimes I sing my prayers through worship songs, sometimes I pray scripture from the Bible. I don't think it really matter as long as I pray I think I get along better in this ordinary life I live.

 One of the prayer books I use...

 My topics for this day.

I pray on certain topics for a time then I change it up, sometimes I do not use the book for weeks on end, just depends on how I'm feeling! I have also used daily devotions for prayer guides or nothing at all, just depends on how I'm feeling. Another facet of my ordinary life! Happy Sunday to you!

If you aren't sure what's up with these Day + # thing check out this post!

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