Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3 - The Scales

I have a pretty strong dislike for the scales but I also find they are necessary for me. I already brought up my love hate relationship with exercising on Day 1. It's a struggle. I try NOT to step on the scales everyday, I know in my head it's not good to do that; but most days I find myself doing just that! I skimmed through a book my neighbor had not too long ago and it had a lot of good points, it made me rethink some thoughts on food. I'm going to borrow it again soon.

For me having the scales on the floor in the bathroom is a reminder for me to keep it healthy, though I often times think I should relocate them to the floor in the kitchen in front of the fridge... sometimes they do not serve as a reminder; they make me feel guilty.

I find that I absolutely have to watch my white carb intake. That's very hard for this carb loving girl, pizza is a HUGE favorite of mine! I love to enjoy it but I cannot indulge in it very often or I cannot sport my clothing in a way that makes me feel comfy. I also enjoy crunchy salty things, my body loves them too as they immediately show up in the most inopportune locations. Therefore I try very hard to stay away from them. Thankfully, chocolate is not something that really appeals to me. However, cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, donuts, those do and I could eat way more then you can imagine in a very short amount of time, I stay far, far away from them or I would be in huge trouble.

I have struggled with keeping my weight in check for years, scales are definitely part of my ordinary life!

If you are not sure what's going on with the DAY +# postings check this post!

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