Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 - Morning Coffee

Most days I am a coffee hound. I really do like the smell and taste. It's part of my morning routine. I enjoy a cup nearly every morning...sometimes two, but not ordinarily, usually I am just a one cup kind of girl.

 My own little Starbuck's!

We used to have a Keurig and we loved it,! When I was on the road for a year I traveled with it! Oh yes I did and when I found myself in MO for a few longer and longer stretches it found a home on my folks counter. They loved it just as much as we did. So when it came time to pack up and reunite with MiB I had a sense they were a little sad about the Keurig situation so I left it with them. That was fine. MiB and I were exposed to a Tassimo while visiting friends in FL and had already decided that when the Keurig bit the dust we would replace it with...the Tassimo. So we got the Tassimo and couldn't be more happy!

My morning Joe :)

I take spurts on what I drink my coffee in. Right now it's a Tervis tumbler. Sometimes I love my Polish pottery mug, other days I choose the stainless steel splash of purple travel mug. It just depends but mostly I go for the Tervis. Probably because LilBlue and I got these cups  together and she picked it out for me along with one with dots on it for her :)

I put a squirt of sugar free syrup in my coffee nearly every single day and usually no cream. I like cream but I do not allow myself this indulgence due to the caloric aspect. Sometimes I will take it pure black, not often but once in awhile. Right now my syrup flavor of choice is pumpkin spice but I also really enjoy English toffee. There is a cinnamon vanilla and a french vanilla on my counter right now as well and there has been salted caramel and cinnamon brown sugar. It's fun to pick out new flavors when they are on sale.

 This is a treat!

Another popular morning coffee treat is cappuccino. This is what MiB really enjoys. When I get the "skinny" ones I will once in a while enjoy those but most days it's just your ordinary cup of Joe around here for me. As the weather starts to cool there are some evenings you will find me enjoying a decaf cup after dinner. It's not often but sometimes it's just too irresistible. Living the ordinary life here in LA and blessed and proud of it!

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