Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6 - Eye Wear

Part of my ordinary life is sporting eye wear, EVERYDAY.  I have worn glasses/contacts since I learned I have a seeing deficiency when I was 16 years old. That came about when I went to get my driver's license. Yep, I couldn't pass the eye exam. I got glasses within the month. I switched to contacts in college when I had saved up enough money to pay for the exam and contacts myself. I have never looked back, I love the option of contacts.

I would be lost without these!

I often think I should have had that LASIK procedure done when I was younger. Especially now that I need readers. I will eventually end up with bifocals. In fact my last prescription was written as a bifocal but I chose to not think I needed them just yet and got it filled as single vision. I'm pretty sure I should have went ahead and bit the bullet and got the bifocal but I thought I don't need them.

That's my two new pair of single visions...should have gotten them bifocal 8/

Sometimes I go upstairs early and take out my contacts before bed and wear my bedtime glasses, I keep those in the bathroom in the drawer. That way they are there when I take my contacts out. They are an older pair with a not so current prescription but they work for evening hours!

  Bedtime glasses

I also wear my bedtime glasses for early morning walks/runs rather then try to pop in contacts. When I do that I generally need my clip on shades. And lets not forget the sunglasses I wear when I am in my daily contacts. Yes, there are no shortages of eyewear here! Sunglasses are my friend too!

Clips on and sunglasses...

Then there are the "readers" I have all over the house...MiB does too! We have both reached that age that our arms are not long enough to help us see anymore we have to grab the readers hence the reason they are strategically placed throughout the house!

Do you see my kitchen pair, there on the shelf above the sink?

That's my living room pair on the window ledge beside my favorite chair!

Can you spot my bedside pair of readers?

Yep, they are everywhere...even a unisex pair in my purse for reading those pesky small print menus at restaurants or programs at events in dimly lit rooms. I need readers no matter where I am! I carry the unisex pair in my purse so that MiB and I can share them when we are out.

Unisex readers!

Everyday, ordinary people wearing glasses, yep, that's me 8)

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