Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27 - Wedding

In just nine s.h.o.r.t. months we will be at a wedding. That's right our own LilBlue is getting married to the Bud. It's not going to be the easiest day of our life but it won't be the hardest either. There will be joy and sadness.

Because I know you want to know here is what I know. There will be an intimate ceremony at a tiny little church south of the Big O where the Bud's grandmother attended. When I say intimate I mean only immediate family will be at the actual wedding ceremony. The church has nine pews. MiB and I got to see it when we were in the Big O over Labor Day. To find out how many we could seat on those nine pews MiB & I sat bum to bum and came up with the very scientific figure of 54. Which works well since the count for this part of the day is looking like a potential for 45ish. I just hope the AC works well and that it's not too much of a scorcher.

There is only one area for dressing so we are supposed to come up with some sort of room divider. Yeah, not sure how that will work or if it will happen. I'm thinking she will just have to let whoever needs to do their thing do it first then she will take over the area. All others will have to stay out.

Wedding party you say? Notsomuch, just her and the Bud and potentially some Little people. I personally have no issues with this aspect but I'm surprised that others have sort of frowned when they heard it. Hey people, it's HER day so whatever she wants to do I'm trying to do. So I really do feel as though it's all her day, well and the Bud's... so who, what and how she wants to do it is pretty much okay with me. Unless you are going to be an investor- read that pay for it, which MiB and I are, I say you have notsomuch a say-so, she does and that's how we're rolling. I don't need her stressing over this, she has to get through this last year of school successfully and plan her wedding how she would like it be, period.

The reception which will be later in the evening is going to be a little bit of cake, punch and finger food affair. Family will partake in a meal in between the ceremony and reception. Nothing fancy just basic nourishment. LilBlue loves chicken fingers so that's what we are having. At one point I thought she was going to do pasta since the Bud seems partial to that but she said too messy! LOL Come on let's just do pizza and call it good I mean they both love that and so do I!

The reception will be at a hall in the town we used to live in. Mostly his/her friends, little cake cutting, little dancing and call it an evening. Decorating and doing the food for this will be the big job. I think we have nailed down many things but we are still working on some of the finer details. Cake maker is not secured nor is day of help. Hoping the hall comes through with the ceiling decorator (she wants lights and lanterns hung). It's hard to coordinate a lot of this so far away. And because I think I should not plan to do so much myself we will have to have help.

I have to say we have had much success with finding things on Craigslist, I have been uber pleased about that! Table linens and chair covers were picked up this way for way cheaper then renting. Hopefully, she can re-list them to help someone else out. We have also scored some other items in the most unlikely places, which I love! We are still scouring regularly to pick up other items. It's been fun and challenging.

I don't quite have her vision for the ceremony, but I do have a good feel for what she would like the reception venue to be. She has sent me a floor plan and we know the basic table set up and such but we are still acquiring table decor. I love that she is open-minded and the tables don't have to be matchy-matchy! That makes it easier right there. We have been gathering vases, candle holders and votive cups along with some frames. We have been sale gathering items from Michaels and Hobby Lobby with weekly coupons.

Colors are for now sage and eggplant. Nothing settled on exactly what flowers but there is still plenty of time. I do know she is leaning towards lillies and roses I think. Roses would be somewhat symbolic, I think she will go with white ones. Many other things remain to be seen, but again we are chipping away at it every week. I know it will all come together for her day and all is well!

And many things can and will evolve in the coming days and months and that's fine, we will make it work the best we can with what we got to get it how she wants.

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