Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23 - Fall

Since this little challenge happens in October I think I will let you know that FALL is my absolute FAVORITE season. Even though fall officially started 22 September I think of it being more fall like in October. I love the fall. To be fair I also like Spring and Summer, hmmmm Winter, notsomuch. Sorry Winter. I don't mind you so much when I am located where you are mild or where I do not have to get out in your big elements (wind and snow). But I think liking one season a little more then another is part of anyone's ordinary life!

But let's get back on the subject of fall. I think I like it because I really love the jewel tones and those are after all the colors of fall. That's probably one of the reasons I am more partial to fall. I am also a lover of the pumpkin so that just makes loving fall all the better!

Some of the sights from my area that say fall to me...

Little tree with beeeeee-u-ti-ful red leaves!!!!


My own cranberry wreath :)

Unfortunately, for me, the sights of fall have to be sought out. This area does not have the gorgeous trees that change colors readily available, mostly there are pines here. There are not the rolling hills with the majestic fall colors but it's still all good we didn't have that in FL either. However, the bestest place we have ever lived for fall, other then the Ozarks in my own home state of MO, was VA with the gorgeous Shenandoah Skyline area. CO was a close second sporting the beauty of the mountains with their aspen trees. Yep, I love fall!

The posting explaining the Day + # is here...

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