Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4 - Calendaring

I have the opportunity to add things to my calendar daily. It can be a little bit overwhelming at times. Most days it is a joy to attend the myriad of events that are available. Honestly, as with most things in ordinary life I sometimes enjoy certain things more then others. I do not think I have the market cornered on thoughts like that, I'm sure that most people feel that way. I do really enjoy the people I have the opportunity to see at these events for the most part! Sometimes it's like mini reunions because we only see each other at quarterly events. Some of these folks feel more like family since we see them much more often!

 This week's calendar...

Keep in mind I took the picture on Sunday before I looked at my folder from the office...more things could/will/should/can be added at any time :)

The thing I find challenging about all this calendaring is that we can find ourselves coming and going for all the attending we attend. I find that I meet people and gravitate back to them to check in on how they are and don't always get around to meet some of the newcomers. However, I make an effort to meet as many as I can. I do this because I try to never lose the "new girl" feeling. This makes me sad and I try really hard to reach out to the newbies because as life has it I often feel like the newbie or I am the newbie and try to never forget that mindset of what it's like to be the newbie.

Being here in LA we have had the fullest calendar ever I do believe. There are a number of factors that have contributed to that. One is that we are at a BIG base, two the job my husband serves in and three the community here is uber supportive and invites the leadership to lots of things. Again, it's fun, lots of opportunities and we usually enjoy all of it. It's not really ordinary to be this busy, but it's part of this season of our life here, it's all good and I know one day we will miss the people in this business. 

If you are not sure what's going on with the DAY +# postings check here!

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