Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19 - SBC

Shreveport / Bossier City is the area we are in now. Until we moved here SBC always meant Southern Baptist Convention in my mind! So seeing this reference around town and in emails always messes me up!

Anyway, the SBC area is quite impressive. The BC Chamber of Commerce is fantabulous, they absolutely love the base and treat us so very well and they advocate for us too. It's very nice to be liked! Shreveport also has a lot to offer, they have some museums that are worth a look and there are some impressive landmarks too. We recently went to the Robinson and had a really enjoyable evening there, I want to go back. There was a film showing there right after we moved here that I wanted to see but we didn't make it. Now I will be watching for their schedule so we can make it again soon! We are enjoying our time here. The northern part of the state is so very different then the southern. We have been down to NOLA a couple times and it's an enjoyable destination especially for people watching.

A little know fact is that Shreveport is a really big movie filming area. I mean who knew that? I didn't until we moved here! There are also a few shows that tape or have taped pretty close to here. Ever heard of Billy the Exterminator? Yeah, he's just right up the road and he used to be in the USAF as well, small world isn't it? Duck Dynasty is filmed right over in Monroe, LA which is only 60 or so miles away. Then there is that Bayou Billionaire show that films just outside of the downtown Shreveport area. I've never seen either one of those shows but they are local and the topic of many conversations! Further south you have Swamp People, my father really likes that show and so do the Littles so I know a something about it. We recently had a gator hunt right here on the base and they wanted Jacob to come but he didn't.

The Bossier City area also boasts a nice civic center and the CenturyLink not to mention all the casinos, oh my, are there casinos, LOTS of them. We aren't really casino goers but I have to say the bonus of these places is they provide awesome venues for big events. Their facilities are nice and they always work with the base to get acceptable prices and then they offer awesome room prices so it's a sweet deal! We will be attending another event downtown at the Eldorado and staying the night in early November so it's pretty awesome!

All in all we are enjoying our time in SBC living our ordinary life!

By now you probably get the Day + # post but in case you are late to the party the information is here!

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