Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 - Cars

Do you notice the kind of cars other people drive? Seriously, I do not. Now MiB does. Is it a guy thing? Well, I sort of thought so but then my own LilBlue makes comments about other peoples "rides" so maybe it is just a personal observation thing.

Anyway, my point is some people are curious about this sort of thing some are not. Just thought I would share what's being driven in our household. Since 2003 we have had at least one Honda in our fleet. Right now we have two. We like Honda's. MiB is in a Mercedes Benz. Now it's not a traditional waaaaaaay expensive Benz like you might think but it falls under the Benz family name!

 LilBlue with her 09 Honda Accord

 MiB with his '13 SMART which we affectionately call Deuce.

My little red ride '08 Honda CRV

I personally try not to be overly attached or too personal with our vehicles. I mean after all my biggest thing is getting in a vehicle and just wanting it to start to get me from point A to point B. Pretty much I do not have a relationship with my vehicle like some people do. I see them as necessities and not much more. I love when they work and work properly cause NO BODY likes car troubles.

We really aren't car namers either with the exception of  MiBs first SMART which we called SMARTie and now the new SMART is deuce.And I guess we did call our first little CRV LilRed but we aren't so much on the naming thing. Though I do think that is part of ordinary life. Do you name your vehicles?

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