Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15 - Favorites

I like many things, but there are some things I REALLY like, I guess you could say I have favorites. Truly this is not an all encompassing list. My taste change, I change, my surroundings change and so one. Today these are a few of my current favorites!

Bath & Body Works Body Sprays

Vera bags for travel/meetings

Wine is a favorite and currently Chianti is what I'm enjoying!

Veggies I love them...pretty much anyway you fix them or not fixed at all!

 This is a two-fer, I love, love, love pizza AND the guy holding it :)
Chobani yogurt preferably pineapple but apple is nice as well! 
(And I do love whipped cream as well)

Hmmmm, seems I favor food and drink...yeah, no wonder my scales are not my friend :( I seriously cannot even begin to list all the things I love. there are so many. It's almost embarrassing so I think I should stop!

However, I will leave you with the RW&B...because I do love my country and am so blessed to be an American and military spouse. Life doesn't get much better then this in my world! Maybe it's not so ordinary after all this life I lead, in fact truth be told I know it's not...this life I am allowed to live is anything but ordinary but I tend to try and believe it is.
The Day + # posting thing going on is explained here.

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