Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17 - Purses

Most days I carry a purse. That's a pocketbook if you are my father. Others refer to them as handbags. Me I just go with purse! I do not change purses daily but I do like to change it up every now and again. Sometimes for evening events I carry a little black number or my Coach bag. I also have a fancy little gold clutch but I have to wear the right ensemble to pull it that one off!

Little evening bags are a must for my world!

 The I saved up forever and waited for it to go on clearance Coach bag!

My daily carry is usually a Vera Bradly, I have several a few! Several would have been accurate a year or so ago no I have given a lot of them away as I realized I did have too many so I only have a few. There will be a few less soon as I am downsizing even more!

 Current daily carry...

 The Vera I like to carry on trips for it's over the body carry as well as a nice leather one I like!

Another Vera I switch to every now and again!

I like carrying a purse for the most part. I think most of us ordinary women do! It's good to be able to have things you need or your spouse needs, like readers! My purse has a lot of things in it. I like to carry a handkerchief  with me. I also carry tissues, lip balm, lipstick, pen, eye drops, name tag, wallet, gum, scissors and face powder. Sometimes I also carry MiBs wallet in there along with his military challenge coins in addition to my own coin. Once in a while there is a snack in there like a granola bar or nuts or crackers. You would also find my travel toothbrush, hand sanitizer, hair holder and clip along with usually at least one alka seltzer. Usually my calendar and cell phone are in there too! I try to keep a tidy purse but sometimes I find it messy and that bugs me so I clean it out and start again! I would love to be able to get away with not carrying it but I find I do better having it and all my belongings close by!

If you are unaware I'm doing a 31 Day Challenge with other bloggers you can read about it here!


Jules said...

You change up a lot more than I do! I'm too lazy even though I love seeing other people's "bags" I always stick with the same one!

Good job on writing everyday Betty! I couldn't do it!

Mrs. Blue said...

Thanks Miss Julie it's been fun!