Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28 - Football

My name is Mrs Blue and I am a football fan...

I am originally from Missouri and have always cheered for the Kansas City Chiefs on their good years and not so good years! I also loved the St Louis Cardinals and was sooooo VERY sad when they moved on to Arizona and secretly still like them lots! However, in high school I was also a pretty big Steeler's fan, now, notsomuch. My team of teams is the New England Patriots, I've liked them best for a number of years. I think it's the red, white and blue uniforms that sucked me in earlier in my more adult life stage. However, I like a number of other teams and will cheer for them when they are on like the Minnesota Vikings, there is something about Minnesota that I like, I also like the Houston Texans, a little (it's those darn red, white and blue colors that get me every time).

Sadly, there are teams I do not ever pull for like the Dallas Cowgirls, not sure what it is I just don't care for them nor do I like the Oakland Raiders, nope, I don't like them at all, no way, no how! I am not a Denver Broncos fan either. But since it's a personal choice and fans are pretty loyal I am never ugly to any other team fan, I think that good rivalries are awesome but ugliness to others based on their team choice is just nasty! A little jib jabbing is okay as long as it's in good taste!

I am a college football fan as well, BOOMER SOONER baby! That's the team I really enjoy and almost equally so the Auburn Tiger's, yep, that's right I do NOT Roll Tide. NOT a Cornhusker fan either, seems no matter the day I cannot Go Big Red. Of course, I am a Mizzou fan since MiB spent some time there as well as two of his siblings and it is MY home state! And let's not forget those Air Force Falcon's! You gotta cheer for your service team...go Air Force!

Believe it or not we also enjoy and find ourselves at the occasional high school football game. We were especially proud of the T-Birds in Bellevue, NE and always cheered for the Stanhope Mustangs when we were in AL and then our own alma mater those Nevada Tigers are always close to our heart!

Football is definitely a part of oh my ordinary life! Cheer on your favorite team today, you know you have one!

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