Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20 - Movies

MiB and I enjoy movies...when we have spare time we try to take in a movie. It's just something we enjoy. We usually hit the early bird or matinee. However, for us with a military discount we can usually go to a primetime show and it's less then a matinee, now that's crazy!

The best one lately was the Clint Eastwood one about baseball. MiB and I really enjoyed that one.  I am not a movie buff and I don't remember lines or titles or even actors but I enjoy them anyway. I forget most of them but I still enjoy them, they are purely entertainment for me. Usually we do not even get popcorn at the movie we did a few weeks ago because we had a coupon for a free popcorn with a drink purchase. I believe it DOES pay to join the rewards programs. I personally like Regal Entertainment. We have gotten free drinks popcorn and admission since joining their rewards program just after the beginning of this year, I like it. Oh and we saw ARGO and it was really good as well.

I just downloaded the Cinemark app on my phone  a few weekends ago and am supposed to earn rewards with it but the jury is still out if I like it or not. I find out AFTER putting it in cinemode that I wasn't logged in and did NOT earn any rewards the first time I used it. I thought I had on my phone I logged it in to cinamode and thought it was good to go, nope apparently you have to log in every time so not sure I'm happy with this app.

Anywho, we are movie goers...we enjoy action adventure flicks the most. Like I said we usually hit the "early-bird" show at Tinseltown here locally or go to the Regal 9 where the hits come for a few weeks after being at the main theater and are cheaper (and we earn REGAL Crown Club rewards). We have even had neighborhood night at the Boardwalk where 13 of us showed up to go to dinner and a movie! And I even meet up with some of the girls and we take in matinee's while their kids are in school. Our latest meet up we saw Pitch Perfect, oh my how we laughed! I might of even gone to see MM with them and blushed for sure in that VERY crowded dark theater.

Going to the movies definitely qualifies as a slice of our ordinary life!

The Day+# is a month long challenge I'm doing! More details here.

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