Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 - Shoes

I'm not a shoe shopper but I do enjoy shoes. I love my Uggs, they are the bomb IMO.

 My Uggs!

I have some shoes I really enjoy wearing, I have some shoes I wear only because they look best with the dress/outfit I'm wearing and pray my feet make it through.

I recently along with MiB got new running shoes. I recently posted about wanting some new running shoes a while back. I went to the local running store to get them and they didn't have my size :( So since they did not have the color MiB needed we ended up ordering our runners online. They arrived and my feet have been happier since! Online Shoes was great!

I'm a MIZUNO girl and he's an ASICS man.

I also have a couple pair red shoes which I love...these are the ones I wore to our neighborhood cookout, I thought they looked super cute!

 Red Shoes!

Since I am not what I would call myself a shoe person so to speak as I don't have THAT many shoes. I mean I know other people who own waaaaay more shoes then I. But I would probably own more comfy shoes if I could find them. MiB even has more shoes then I do! Seriously, he does.

My shoe storage areas...nothing fancy but definitely functional for me.

I do have a fancy pair of shoes though! Well I think they are :)

Ordinary people buy and wear shoes. Again, I am an ordinary person who has shoes, probably too many, in fact with this downsizing I'm doing I can see several pairs going to the Goodwill or Airmen's Attic since I will need to reduce the number I have. It's so hard to give up some of them as they are like old friends! Then others it's very easy!

The Day+# explanation is here!

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